I’m Calar Chaussee. I am not a politician: I am a hardworking citizen of Wellington. I’m running for Mayor because I care about the people of this town and the direction in which it goes. I love this town; I grew up here! My family moved to Wellington in 1997 and I attended Wellington Junior High School. I was involved in 4H showing steers and the country swing team.

I’m a man led by my core values of faith, integrity, and hard work. I am a volunteer leader and youth pastor at my church, I am a servant at heart. I was a firefighter until an injury led my career in a different direction. I’m currently in the automotive industry as a service writer at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto. I work hard for my living, and I enjoy giving back.

Our town needs guidance in growing responsibly, increasing its safety for our families, and most importantly being affordable. We need growth, safety, and affordability for our families and businesses to thrive.

I am running to be your next Mayor of Wellington because our town needs leaders to step up to the plate who can represent the values and needs of the people of Wellington and I am doing just that.

I’ve witnessed Wellington’s growth and growing pains firsthand. I’ve been part of many conversations about how to improve things in our town, and now I’m taking action because I believe in Wellington. I believe in us, and we can accomplish great things together. By working together, we can get this done and we can get it done right.

Let’s keep Wellington, Wellington while still promoting growth and opportunity. Get out and vote for me, Calar Chaussee. I will safeguard the growth and future of Wellington for citizens like you and me.

Please reach out. I want to hear from you and get your ideas, thoughts, and concerns.
[email protected]